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Activities in Perros-Guirec

In the hotel or its surroundings

Whether on-site on the hotel or nearby, there’s no way you’ll be bored in Perros-Guirec. Relaxation, wellness and fitness at the Castel Beau Site; sport, cultural or adventure activities; shopping - the Pink Granite Coast has everything necessary for everybody, beginner or more experienced, but above all, for the whole family. 

At the hotel

Relaxation, wellness, coaching...

Want to relax and pamper yourself? Or prefer to spend all your energy? No problem! During your stay at the Hotel Castel Beau Site in Perros-Guirec, anything is possible... Enjoy the spa and the expertise of our spa therapists or get energised with our sports coach.


The environs

Perros-Guirec, the Pink Granite Coast...

Walk from Ploumanac’h along the Sentier des Douaniers footpath straddling the Pink Granite Coast; discover Perros-Guirec and its events all year round; laze around on Saint Guirec beach at the foot of the hotel; set off on a boat to explore the Sept Îles archipelago; practice water sports at your leisure - all this and more so close to the Castel Beau Site.